Why You Need a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer

Getting seriously injured at work should result in getting workers’ compensation for short-term or long-term care depending on the circumstances. If you do happen to get injured at work, you should know what to do and where to turn if you have problems getting your benefits from your employer. A lawyer can help you navigate worker’s compensation law in Sturgis, SD. The following will discuss why you need to find a lawyer to help you.

Workers’ Compensation is insurance most employers must carry in order to protect their employees as well as the company’s finances. When an employee is injured, the employer will rely on the advice of an attorney or team of attorneys to determine how to handle a claim. Since they have adjusters and lawyers on their side, you should have an attorney on your side to help you.

One of the factors in these claims relies on choosing the right doctor. Some doctors are not approved by the Workers’ Comp insurance, so your lawyer can help you find one that is. Having a reputable and approved doctor to record your injury or injuries is crucial to your claim and case if it goes to court. It is uncommon for these cases to wind up in litigation, but it does happen and you will be glad you chose a qualified attorney to help you with your case if that happens.

You risk nothing when you request a free consultation and hire an attorney for a Workers’ Compensation claim. The attorney will fight for your rights and work for you on a contingency basis. You owe nothing upfront for their services unless they win. When you do get your settlement, your lawyer will take a percentage of your final settlement. Unlike a personal injury lawyer who can take between 30 and 50 percent of your settlement, a lawyer that wins your Workers’ Comp case takes 15 to 20 percent.

The average person cannot navigate the complexities of Workers’ Compensation law or negotiate their own settlement in or out of court. Those who try either lose or get a lot less than they need in compensation for their injuries and losses. You can save time, money, and hassles by choosing a lawyer who has knowledge and experience in worker’s compensation law in Sturgis, SD. Gunderson, Palmer, Nelson, Ashmore LLP Attorneys At Law provide free consultations for Workers’ Compensation cases

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