Why Kennel Connection Software Matters to Your Business

If you’re in the pet care industry, you know that owners tend to be pretty finicky about their four-legged companions. Keeping up with their requests in a timely and orderly fashion can mean the difference between success or failure. When you have kennel connection software powering your operations, you’ll discover it’s a lot easier to keep up with it all.

Kennel connection software is designed especially for the pet care industry. It provides kennel operators with the tools they need to stay on top of their business and their clients. Since it’s tailored for kennel operations, it also offers features that matter especially to those in this industry.

Features that Matter

While you could technically run a kennel using only standard business software packages, those designed for this industry deliver features that can set your company apart from others. Some of the extras that are uniquely beneficial to kennel operations include:

  • Virtual kennel features This ability enables kennel operators to more quickly and efficiently manage kennel occupancy.

  • Web cam integration – When owners are away from their pets, they can get pretty anxious. Having a camera system put into place that enables them to check in from time to time while they’re on the road can ease minds and enhance your customer service. This is a great benefit not only for owners, but also for staff since it shows off their hard work in caring for animals in their charge.

  • Scheduling – Keeping up with booking can be a real trick using old fashion paper and pen methods. Software that handles scheduling can prevent errors and even work well with virtual kennel features to ensure that animals boarded are given the proper attention and care.

  • Client management – Great kennels are those that have employees that get to know their clients and the pets in their care. Software that delivers client management features can help staff keep up with it all. The end result is better care of customers and their pets.

Business Boosting Features

While kennel connection software must have kennel-specific features to really shine, it should also offer tools that streamline keeping up with the business side of things. The best packages do this by offering payment processing, QuickBooks access and more.

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