Must Have Features On Conference Apps For iPhone Users

The iPhone is one of the best examples of top marketing strategies in the world today. It is hard to believe that the first iPhone hit the market in June of 2007 and there is already a seventh generation model available. In fact, on March 2, 2011 Apple officially reached the 100 million iPhone sales mark, and this number continues to increase. Having conference apps for iPhone users only makes sense as these devices are by far the most numerous at any conference or event.

One of the biggest drawbacks that many apps out there have is that they work well on either an iOS or an android system, but not with both. Finding conference apps for iPhone, iPad and android users is a big part of allowing everyone at the conference to access the information that they need.


A key part of running a successful conference is keeping speakers, organizers, volunteers, exhibitors and attendees aware of those annoying last minute changes. This could include a room change, a session cancellation or changes to speakers. Having the ability to have this information on conference apps for iPhone users helps smooth over any stress or confusion caused by these unforeseeable last minute changes.

Notifications will appear on the screen and allow the user to simply access the respective conference apps for iPhone under the specific conference icon.

Social Media Integration

It is a real benefit to everyone attending if conference apps for iPhone users integrate social media sites, particularly Twitter. This means that the user’s Twitter feed can be pulled into the conference app. There is no need to leave conference apps for iPhones that are set up this way, making it much easier for users to both Tweet and read comments from others at the event.

Bulletin Boards

It is always difficult to keep track of where everyone is at a conference, especially if there are multiple tracks and multiple break-out sessions. Instead of trying to have an actual physical message board for people to connect, why not provide a virtual one with your conference apps. For iPhone users, as well as those on android based phones, staying in touch is just a few taps away.

Conference apps for iPhone users that offer more than just the basics are a great feature. Before choosing an app make sure you shop around and see just what is available.

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