Why is the 2024 Aluminum Called the Aerospace Alloy?

Why is the 2024 Aluminum Called the Aerospace Alloy?

2024 Aluminum, also known as the “aircraft alloy,” is a unique alloy that has copper as the main alloy element. This creates a metal with a high strength-to-weight ratio that is much greater than other aluminum alloys. It shares advantages with other aluminum alloys. So it’s critical when using this metal that the application is suitable for its function.

It has excellent fatigue resistance making it useful in high stress conditions. The metal can be welded with arc-friction welding techniques. It can also be machined with accurate detail with a high quality finish.

The following industries and applications make good use of this 2024 aluminum alloy:

Aerospace Industry
This industry requires a metal that is lightweight, yet strong enough to withstand high stresses and provide structural support to vital parts of the airplane. Its non-magnetic properties make it ideal for non-interference of sensitive aircraft instruments.

Common Aircraft Applications Include:
1. Aircraft fuselage structure support
2. Wings structural support
3. Fuselage Fittings
4. Fuselage bulkheads
5. Wing Fittings
6. Wing tension members
7. Shear webs and ribs
8. Sheet product is used primarily in commercial and military aircraft fuselage and wing skins
9. Aircraft engine areas where temperatures of 250 degrees F are found
10. Engine cowls

Other Industry Applications
This metal has good machinability and mechanical qualities. It is lightweight and strong, making it ideal for:
1. Gears
2. Worm gears
3. Drive shafts
4. Bolts
5. Cap nuts
6. Wheels
7. Rivets
8. Connectors,
9. Hydraulic valve bodies
10. Structural applications in motorsports
11. Orthopedic braces
12. Veterinary equipment
13. Scientific instruments
14. Medical instruments
15. Screw machine products
16. Computer parts
17. Clock parts
18. Fuse parts
19. Hardware
20. Truck parts

Available Shapes
1. Flat
2. Round
3. Square
4. Sheet
5. Bar
6. Rod

The metal does not resist corrosion due to the copper elements, and must be treated with an aluminum coating. Sometimes the process will reduce the stress level of the substance. The electric conductivity is just 35% of copper and is not used in the electric power industry. It is also a poor choice for welding except for spot welding applications.

As is obvious, the advantages and applications of 2024 aluminum are numerous, making it a common building block in all sorts of devices and pieces of equipment that many people see and utilize every day.

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