Surrogacy Agencies: Growing Family’s Everyday

Are you struggling with the inability to become pregnant or part of a same sex couple that dreams of having a baby that is biologically related to you? Have you tried other methods and weighed the idea of adoption but still desire that genetic connection to a child? Surrogacy may be the answer that you seek. Depending on the state you live in you may be able to choose a surrogate mother to carry a child for you. In the case of in-vitro fertilization methods, surrogacy programs can even give you the opportunity to have a child that is related to you and your spouse.

Surrogacy Agencies offer those who are dealing with infertility the ability to have a child that is biologically related to them and experience parenting from the beginning. You will know as soon as the pregnancy test is positive and in most cases receive constant updates as to how your baby is growing and progressing while still in the womb.

Surrogate moms are prepared from the beginning to carry and release your child to you. Unlike in cases of adoption it is known from the beginning that the child they are carrying was created by and for another couple. Surrogate mothers are specially chosen and receive counseling and preparation to ensure that they are emotionally and physically prepared for the demands that surrogacy places upon them.

Experienced and well thought out agencies are staffed with individuals who work as part of a team to give you the best experience and outcome. All legal matters are thoroughly explained and handled by lawyers with experience in the laws that surround surrogacy. Doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel are well versed in the emotional complexities that come with the surrogacy journey.

Surrogacy is a wonderful option for those who are unable to start or grow their family through other methods. This includes same sex couples and those who may be transgendered and unable to bear children on their own. Many Surrogacy Agencies offer informational meetings and the opportunity to meet with others who have completed the journey and are raising happy children, make an appointment to talk to someone today.

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