Why Choose Foam Filled Tires Tulsa Service?

The foam filled tires in Tulsa service makes your pneumatic tires solid. This can help save the cost of tires and machinery. Foam filled tires allow you to combine the selection of pneumatic tires with the puncture proofing and stability of solid tires.

Foam filled tires cannot be punctured and this can help avoid tire replacements and costly downtime. This makes it an ideal choice for rough terrain like construction sites, mining, recycling facilities and landfills.

Tire Foam Filling

The tires are filled with specially designed fluids. These fluids are cured to become solid. The tires are filled as per the recommended pressure of the manufacturer. This pressure is maintained for the entire service life. This helps eliminate the need to check and maintain air pressure at regular intervals.

The tire foam filling requires the tire and the wheel to be assembled and then filled with the polyurethane foam fluid. It is then cured at a specific temperature for 24 – 48 hours.

All that you need to do is to contact us and we can provide you the complete tire foam filled package. This includes new tires and new wheels. You can also choose to collect the existing tires and wheels and just foam fill them. The entire process of filling takes at least four days.

The first day is utilized to collect the tires and wheel rims from the site. The foam filling process begins the next day when the tires and rims are received at our depot. The units are then left to cure for 24 hours at a specific temperature. It is only after this process that they are returned on the fourth day.

If the weather is exceptionally cold, then the curing process may have to be extended for 48 hours and the whole process can take an extra day to complete. The foam filling process cannot be done at your site as specialized equipment are needed for this.

The cost of foam filling can vary depending on the size of the tire that is been filled. Depending on the vehicles and application, different types of foam liquid is used for filling.

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