A Review Of Food Packaging Sterilization Options

Food manufacturing is not just about processing the food and providing it to the consumer in an appealing, branded and convenient way. It is also about ensuring that food within the package is safe and free from any risk of contamination by or through the actual packaging material itself.

For many types of foods that have specific packaging requirements, including dairy products, beverages and liquids sold in bottles or food in lined containers, food packaging sterilization methods are going to be critical to include as part of the packaging process.

Package Planning

One of the most important first steps is to find a company offering food packaging sterilization that has the experience and expertise to work with your in-house team.

This will allow your design and development, marketing and research teams to work with the specialists that will complete the packaging sterilization process. By having everyone involved early on in the process the sterilization and the packaging can be streamlined to help in saving both time and cost.

The top companies in the industry will understand all requirements and regulations and will have all of the services designed to meet those standards. These companies have extensive experience in these aspects of package sterilization, providing the information and expertise you will need.

Special Considerations

It may be important to consider the need for on-site cold storage with food packaging sterilization processes. This can include pre-sterilization of packaging and food as well as for storage after the sterilization process is complete.
Gamma irradiation can be used with both fresh and frozen foods, so verifying the company has the capacity to safely store the foods pre and post sterilization will also be a consideration with some but not all food products. Even if your company doesn’t require this additional consideration at this time, it is nice to know the service is there if you choose to expand into these types of foods.

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