When to Worry About Bunions? Three Signs to See a Foot Doctor in Hyde Park

Do you have bunions? You might think those bumps on your big toes are just a painful nuisance, but severe cases can cause mobility problems and injuries to the ankles and knees. If you’re wondering when to worry, here are three signs that you should seek medical treatment for your bunions in Hyde Park.

Your Bunions Interfere With Daily Activities

Are painful, swollen bunions making it difficult to walk around, drive your vehicle or take care of your kids? Get your bunions evaluated by a foot doctor as soon as possible, and don’t lose another minute of your life to painful bunions.

You Have Difficulty Finding Shoes

If your swollen and deformed toes are making it difficult to find shoes that fit, it’s time to see a doctor about your bunions in Hyde Park. Ill-fitting shoes can make bunions worse by further cramping your toe joints.

You Can’t Move Your Toe or Foot Properly

Try stretching your toes up, down and side to side. If your toes no longer have a normal range of motion, get your bunions evaluated. Mobility problems can move upward into the feet and ankles as your body tries to compensate.

If you’re ready to seek treatment for your bunions, Mitchell Foot & Ankle provides complete medical and surgical care of the foot and ankle in a patient-involved atmosphere. See their full list of services and schedule your appointment now.

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