How To Choose A Public Cloud Provider That Is Right For You?

As with anything in business, selecting a provider that is a good fit for your operations is a critical factor. This is especially true when selecting a public cloud provider as problems, glitches, or performance issues with the cloud have a direct and negative impact on your business.
Before agreeing to move to any public cloud provider, there are several things to consider. Each of these factors will differ based on your business requirements and your cloud computing needs.

Data Center Locations

The benefit of cloud-based computing is the decentralization of data storage. Utilizing a Public Cloud Provider with data centers around the globe eliminates the risk that a natural disaster, massive power failure, or disruption from political or economic factors will impact your business or your end-users.

Certifications and Standards

Look for a cloud provider with the accreditations that are relevant for your business. In general, ISO certifications, Microsoft certified partners, and PCI DSS certifications are important for most businesses.

A Tier lll certified provider has enhanced capacity to handle even complex types of workflows. While this may not be critical for your business, it demonstrates the quality and performance of the provider for even advanced operations.


Security as a Service is an option some providers offer for clients. Even if your company may not need specialized security, be sure to review the provider’s security policies and choose one that offers the most protection for your data storage and cloud computing.

Consider the other services the provider offers. Disaster recovery, backup, and assistance with migrating to the cloud are possible options required by your business.

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