When Life gets You Tense, We can Help

Sometimes the pressures of life can manifest in our physical being. Stress at work or at home can tighten neck and shoulder muscles. Remodeling a house can use muscles that haven’t been worked in a while, resulting in pain. Accidents and injuries can result in chronic problems that hamper joints and muscles from working correctly. When any of these things hamper your abilities to move freely and comfortably, it’s time for a massage.

Our massage therapy in Atlanta specializes in relaxing, rejuvenating rubs to help loosen those taut neck and shoulder muscles. The inviting atmosphere promotes a feeling of well-being, making you at ease from the moment you walk in the door to the time you leave. Our staff of massage therapists are highly trained in several different types of massage. Shiatsu, deep-tissue, hot-oil, Swedish, and even four-hand massage are all offered in our clean and comfortable massage rooms.

For an overall relaxing massage, Swedish massage is the most popular. Gentle strokes and easy stretching will help to work out the kinks in tired, stressed muscles. Our massage therapy in Atlanta also offers Shiatsu massage. This is a pressure point massage, dedicated to releasing the flow of energy and healing in your body. For those who have sports injuries or chronic conditions like arthritis, the deep tissue massage uses strong, deep strokes to help loosen connective tissue and rid the body of toxins trapped in the muscles. A hot-oil massage uses heated, moisturizing oil, and soothing strokes to give you total relaxation all over. For the ultimate massage, try the four hands massage. Two talented therapists will work simultaneously on your achy muscles and stiff joints. The results are amazing.

Come and enjoy the sublime feeling of head-to-toe relaxation. Book an appointment and experience the benefits of a great massage.

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