What Does Craniosacral Therapy in Burnaby Address?

There are likely millions upon millions of people who find themselves struggling with chronic pain on a daily basis. Chronic pain can come from a number of different sources ranging from genetic problems to long-lasting injuries that simply haven’t healed properly. No matter what the source of the chronic pain may be, there’s a good chance that you want to seek relief from it. Depending on the nature of the pain, there is a chance that craniosacral therapy may assist you. This form of massage therapy can help to relieve headaches and migraines, temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ), sleeping troubles, disorders associated with whiplash, and similar issues.

What Is Craniosacral Therapy?

To best understand what an appointment for craniosacral therapy in Burnaby involves, it is important that you understand what this form of therapy truly is and how it is applied. It addresses the connective tissues in the body, known as fascia, through massaging the spine and neck near the craniosacral system. This bodily system refers to the membranes, fluids, and bones that surround, protect, and are a part of the brain and spinal cord. What this means for you is that through deep yet gentle massages, you will be able to relieve tension stored deep inside the body. People who seek benefit from this treatment report that a variety of pain and dysfunctions lessen or disappear altogether from such a treatment.

What Will it Work with?

Now that you have a good sense of what craniosacral therapy in Burnaby is and how it works on the body, you may be able to better understand how it can address some of the aforementioned issues. Headaches, whiplash-associated disorders, TMJ, and to some degree, concussions can all be directly manipulated by addressing the spine, neck, and skull. When deeply stored tension is released, other issues such as stress, sleeping problems, and chronic pains can begin to dissolve as your body naturally relaxes itself.

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