What You Need to Know about Odometer Repair in New Mexico

The odometer is that part of your vehicle that records the distance that the vehicle has traveled. Most people think that once an odometer has stopped working, the only solution they can get for the problem is replacing it. This becomes quite the challenge because replacing an odometer is really expensive.

Most of the times, an odometer stops working because the gear in it ceases to function. With the right tools, it is possible to fix minor odometer issues. You will however need to be careful because a small careless mistake could lead to the speedometer, which is housed in the same place with the odometer, getting ruined. Here are some tips that can help you handle Odometer Repair in New Mexico

When making the repairs, you need to understand that you cannot tamper with the mileage that has already been recorded. Once you have replaced the part that is not working as it is supposed to, you will be able to view the speed recordings that were made.

The first step in the repair process should be opening the speedometer gauge. This is the housing unit that houses both the odometer and the speedometer. This can be done by simply prying the gasket around the dash and removing it. Take note of the connection of the electric wires around the odometer. Reach behind the odometer and disconnect these wires.

Once you have managed to remove the gauge, you can start the process of changing the odometer gear. You should be very careful when removing the gear as you could tamper with the speedometer needle. Once the speedometer gear has been replaced, the odometer can regain its purpose.

In case you are not sure about DIY odometer repair, you should try and get the help of an expert in replacing the system. As soon as you notice that there are discrepancies in the readings that are being given off by the odometer, you should call in an expert to help you diagnose and fix the problem. Ensure that your Odometer Repair in New Mexico is handled by an expert to avoid further complications.

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