Seeking Alcohol Recovery Thousand Oaks?

Multi-disciplinary treatment is one of the best methods of establishing an individualized recovery plan. The disease of alcoholism is one that can lead to the mental, physical, spiritual, and intellectual deterioration of the person. Alcohol recovery in Thousand Oaks provides individual treatment in a multi-disciplinary setting. Interventions focus on both mental health and substance abuse.

Recovery Begins with Mental Health

Mental health treatment plans – designed to enable clients with the tools they need to recognize and reject negative thoughts, are based on principles and practices of authentic happiness. By creating the conditions for meaning and purpose once again, clients benefit from self-volition in living and in recovery.

Tackling Substance Abuse

The triggers and cravings experienced by an alcoholic are similar to those of other addicts. The key to understanding the causes and effects to chemical addiction is through re-training. Alcohol recovery sought through psychotherapeutic means, allows the client to orient their ego toward personal responsibility, and ultimately empowerment to not drink.

Core Competencies to a Sober Life

Accurate Self-Assessment—objectivity enables reasoned decision making. If an accurate assessment of self can be made, clarity of purpose will return.

Behavioral Control – natural control over impulses and manifestation of negative emotions is the effect of sobriety.

Building Bonds –relationships cultivated through mutual communication and support.

Communication – clear dialogue and knowledge sharing about recovery and intent.

Conflict Management – exhibiting a diplomatic response to conflicts and peaceable negotiation of those problems to mutually beneficial resolution.

Emotional Self-awareness – an obstacle at the beginning of recovery, the inability to recognize emotions affecting their reality is often associated with addiction.

Empathy – kind perception and express sensitivity to the feelings of others.

Innovation – the creative pursuit of new ideas and methods leading to multi-level exploitation of those concepts for the common good.

Integrity – the honesty to engage with recovery according to acceptable ethical conduct.

Managing Ambiguity – manifesting an active approach to challenging circumstances.

Personal Empowerment – confidence found is found in the exploitation of talents and skills.

Responsibility – duty to oneself and others through conscious action.

Resilience– the ability to face adversity with diligence and optimism.

Situational Awareness – creating the conditions for new ideas and solutions to problems to occur naturally.

Service Orientation – the care and compassion for others fostered through service.

Sustained Community Participation – engaged and active participation in a support community focused on the proliferation of love, trust, safety and genuine connection with others.

If you are seeking alcohol recovery in Thousand Oaks, multi-disciplinary treatment may be for you. Find out why the core competencies to a sober life are the foundation to a new beginning. Tackle substance abuse with mental health treatment. Contact an alcohol recovery specialist from Vantage Point Lifestyle Management & Recovery Center today about your problem.

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