What Type of Safe is best for your Home?

With rising crime rates across the country, you might be considering installing a safe in your Solihull home. You could store cash, valuable jewellery and important documents securely and deter criminals – depending on the type of safe you choose; they can be affordable for everyone. But how do you know whether to install an underfloor safe, a wall safe or a free-standing floor safe? Follow our handy guide and discover the pros and cons of each type of safe, before making your decision.

Underfloor Safes

Ideal for those with limited space, underfloor safes always require to be professionally installed, usually in flooring constructed from concrete, for maximum security. The door of the safe is on top, so the contents can be easily removed without having to lift the safe out of the floor. When choosing an underfloor safe, Solihull security companies usually have models available with a range of lock types, from key locks and combination locks to digital keypad models. Because a burglar’s priority is to get in and out of your home as quickly as possible, most criminals don’t even look for underfloor safes. By hiding your underfloor safe with a rug and a sturdy bookcase or table placed on top, you can be sure that nobody will know it’s there but you!

Wall Safes

Wall safes must be professionally installed; unless you know what you’re doing, because installing one incorrectly could compromise the stability of your home’s structure! Generally hidden behind an item of furniture, wall hanging or a painting, wall safes are generally smaller than underfloor versions, but are ideal for stashing valuable jewellery, cash or bundles of documents. It’s important to choose a wall safe with a locking mechanism that is flush with the wall, such as an electronic keypad or key lock – it’s then easy to hide the safe behind a painting or wall hanging.

Free-standing Floor Safes

The largest and heaviest type of safe, free-standing floor safes are usually also the most spacious type of safe – although smaller models are available which can sit on shelves. One of the key benefits of choosing a free-standing safe is that no installation is required, simply choose your safe and take it home! They are also a far more affordable choice, and available to purchase at many security and locksmith companies. The only real downside of a floor safe is that it’s obvious to burglars – of course, you could keep it in a locked room or consider having it bolted to the floor, to prevent the whole safe from being stolen in the event of a break-in.

Whether you opt for a wall, free-standing or underfloor safe is a personal choice, but one that safe experts in Solihull will be able to help you with – security companies which sell safes will be happy to offer advice as to the best type of safe for your needs.

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