What To Know About Scar Revision Through Miramar Beach, FL Providers

There are many different ways that the skin can become scarred. All scars are formed when there is an injury to the surface or surface and deep tissue layers of the skin and flesh.

For most people in Miramar Beach, FL scarring becomes a significant problem when the scab that naturally forms over the wound or incision is removed before the underlying healing occurs. This creates rips and tears in the newly formed tissue, which is mostly made up of collagen. As this continues to repeat, the scar tissue, the collagen, is deposited by the body rapidly, which creates a raised and bumpy surface that may also be of a much lighter color than the surrounding areas of skin.

Options to Reduce The Scar

In the past, the only option for true correction of a scar was a surgical procedure. This, like any type of incision and wound healing, posed a risk for infection and possibly even additionally scarring.

Today, for slight to moderate scarring, the use of non-surgical scar revision may be possible. This is a procedure that can be completed in a non-medical facility and includes the use of fine needles that are used to create small punctures in the scar tissue.

The body reacts to these very shallow punctures to evenly deposit more collagen, creating a smoother, less visible area of skin. This type of scar revision requires several processes at the Miramar Beach, FL office to achieve the full results.

In addition, scar revision can also include adding pigment to the area to blend it with the surrounding skin. Transferring melanocytes, the specific cells in the body that determine the color of the skin, allows for natural blending of the color on the newly formed, smoother skin surface.

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