6 Tips to Make It Easier for You to Transition to a Natural Deodorant

More and more women are switching to natural deodorants. If you’re shopping for Women’s Natural Deodorant, take a minute to go over these helpful tips to make the transition easier for you.

Go natural

Stop using deodorant for a few days. Give your body time to push out the chemicals and aluminum. If you use a natural deodorant right away, you may end up with a bit of skin irritation. That’s because the baking soda that’s common in natural deodorants reacts negatively with the aluminum in many store-bought deodorants. Avoid any adverse effects by waiting before you make the switch.

Use oil

If you aren’t comfortable going out without any deodorant, then dab a bit of tea tree oil on your skin. Mix it with lavender or thyme essential oil. That all-natural mixture should give you no irritation, all while protecting you from unwanted body odor.

Exfoliate your underarms

Do this weekly. Remember to wash the area daily, since that will help detoxify you. Daily washes will also keep body odor at bay.

Choose the right fabrics

Wear clothes made of natural fibers like cotton, hemp, and silk. This will make the transition easier. Polyester as well as acrylic fabrics only trap moisture, which can lead to a foul smell. The trapped moisture can also result in mold growth in the clothing.

Check the ingredients

When you browse through Women’s Natural Deodorant options, look for products that contain an equal amount of soda and essential oils. That’s ideal in preventing body odor. This is also good for you if you have sensitive skin, since it can prevent skin irritations.

Explore your options

Body care products aren’t a one-size-fits-all items. You should try out the range of deodorants from trusted suppliers and brands to find the best one for you. Once that happens, you’ll never think of going back to traditional deodorants.

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