What To Know About Dialysis Nurses

What is a Dialysis Nurse?

Dialysis nurses are professionals who help administer dialysis, which is a lifesaving treatment. Patients need dialysis when their kidneys can no longer function properly. Dialysis is a treatment that helps remove waste products from the body. It essentially takes over the job of the kidneys.

What are the Requirements Needed to Become a Dialysis Nurse?

If you want to get a dialysis nurse job, then you will need to be a registered nurse or advanced practice nurse. Most dialysis nurses work in a hospital or clinic. Some nurses travel to different places to work.

Job Duties of a Dialysis Nurse

A dialysis nurse’s working hours can vary depending on where they work. However, most nurses work a standard schedule every week because patients who receive dialysis are typically on a schedule. If a nurse works in a hospital, then they may be called in to perform dialysis on an emergency basis.

Working Hours and Conditions

Dialysis nurses may spend a lot of time on their feet. This can also be a physically demanding job.

Job Outlook

The job outlook for dialysis nurses is expected to be great. There are more people living with kidney disease. More people also have high blood pressure, which can also lead to kidney disease. Even though kidney transplants have become more common, dialysis is still one of the best ways to treat kidney disease.

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