Top 3 Reasons Why Your Deck Needs a Fresh Round of Stain

You love your deck and like to use it whenever possible. In order to ensure that the deck remains sturdy and available for use, you must know when it’s time for new deck staining. In the Lakewood area, you’ll find that many experts recommend that a fresh coat of stain be applied at least once a year. Here are some of the reasons why calling an expert at the painting company and arranging for the deck to be stained makes a difference.

Preventing Moisture Damage

The stain does more than help the wooden deck look nice. It also goes a long way toward protecting the deck from moisture damage. Between the rainy season and the amount of snow that often comes during winter, the deck is subjected to a lot of moisture. A painting contractor in Lakewood can help you select a stain product that repels moisture and even make sure it’s applied properly.

Minimize Cracking From Sun Exposure

Damage from constant exposure to sunlight is also something you should think about. The right type of deck staining in the Lakewood area helps to block the sun’s rays and prevent deterioration of the wood used for your deck. The result is that cracking is less likely and the need for repairs will not occur as frequently.

Ensuring the Deck Looks Great

There is no doubt that stained wood adds something to the look of any home. Even when the wood happens to compose the deck that runs the expanse of the back of the house, you want it to look as nice as possible. By choosing the right product for deck staining in Lakewood, the wood is protected from the elements and will always look as if it was installed in the last few days.

When was the last time you had fresh stain applied to your deck? If it’s been some time, call a professional today. Once the work is done, you get to enjoy the look and rest assured that the stain is extending the life of the deck.

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