What to Expect When Visiting an Eye Doctor in Andover KS

Just because people believe they have great vision, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t visit their eye doctor regularly. It is recommended that everyone visit an eye doctor at least once every two years, whether they have vision problems or not. There are many eye problems that people may not even know that they have. When they visit the eye specialist on a regular basis, they will know if there are any problems. Regular eye care is the key to early detection and treatment of many problems, many of which don’t have a lot of symptoms that are easily recognized.

One may be surprised to learn that by visiting an Eye Doctor in Andover KS regularly, other health problems can be diagnosed. For instance, many eye doctors are the first caregivers to diagnose diabetes in patients. This is because diabetes does affect the eyes, with many sufferers ending up going completely blind. When the Eye Doctor in Andover KS detects diabetes early, it is easier to treat, and there is less of a risk of having eye problems. Anyone who hasn’t been to the eye doctor in more than two years is strongly encouraged to make an appointment as soon as possible to have their eyes checked.

Many adults never go to the eye doctor, and there are many people who have never been to an Eye Doctor in Andover KS in their lives. They don’t know what to expect, so they are nervous and keep putting it off. A visit to the eye doctor is virtually painless, and it is important. Some things to expect include discussing medical history, including family history, testing vision with charts and other tools, and testing for glaucoma with a device known as a tonometer, which tests eye pressure.

Other tests may also be performed by the Eye Doctor in Andover KS During the examination, the eye doctor may put drops in patients’ eyes to dilate the pupils, making it easier for doctors to see into the eyes. Bring a pair of sunglasses to the appointment just in case, and arrange for transportation as eyes are very sensitive to light after being dilated.

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