Alaskan Cruise Packages that Offer Variety and Excitement

There are several cruise lines that give you the opportunity to explore the many attractions, natural wonders, and sites of historical significance that Alaska has to offer. With so many different options, it can be difficult to decide what you’d like to do during your cruise vacation. An Alaskan cruise package can solve this problem for you, offering affordability as well as diversity in the kinds of things that you can do at each port and giving you the freedom to simply enjoy your time in Alaska both on and off a cruise ship.

What Do You Want to Do on Your Cruise?
Every Alaskan cruise vacations package offers different activities for each port of call that you may be visiting.  Some packages also include themes and specific points of interest so that you can center your trip on one central idea.

  • The Gulf of Alaska is a popular cruise package because some of them offer both the ports around the Gulf as well as inside passage ports. While you may not stop at all of the inside passage ports like one of the cruises that focuses specifically on them, you can still see those parts of the coast and sometimes stop at one or two of the ports. Ask your travel coordinator about which ports your package will include and what there is to do at each one.
  • Some cruise packages offer round trips from San Francisco with several ports around the coast, including Anchorage. Passengers can choose longer excursions on land than other Alaskan cruise packages, giving you more options for activities in Alaska.
  • Expedition cruises often give passengers the option to focus on nature and wildlife instead of visiting the different ports. These cruise packages offer smaller ships that can go into areas of the interior of Alaska that the larger ships cannot. Not only will passengers be able to see more of the state’s nature and wildlife, but your vessel may even be able to sight and follow certain aquatic wildlife (within legal parameters) for closer viewing.

Other Alaskan Cruise Packages
These are only a small sampling of the kinds of packages that you can choose when booking your cruise around the Alaska coastline. There are so many options and different cruise lines to choose from that you can craft virtually any kind of vacation that you want. Talk to a travel coordinator today and find out which Alaska cruise package is the perfect match for you.

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