What to Do After You’ve Been in a Car Accident

Getting into a car accident is a serious matter. An accident can occur on the road at any time, even if you’re the kind of driver who tends to take precaution. If you’re not seriously injured and can manage to get out of the vehicle, you’ll need to call the police to make a report about the accident. Along with contacting police, you can get a few picture of the accident if you happen to have your phone with you at the time. If you did get injured, you may not be able to snap pictures, but your medical records will speak for themselves.

What Do I Do in the Aftermath of Everything?

When you’re able to calm down from the accident, which could take a day or two, it’s time to consider a visit with a car accident attorney in Mahopac NY. It’s possible that the things that happened during the accident could have been avoided, but because they weren’t, you ended up in an accident that may have caused damage to you, your passengers, and to the vehicle that you drive. As a result of the impact from the other vehicle, you might not even be able to run your own vehicle. With all that damage that has been done, someone needs to take responsibility.

What Happens When the Car Accident Attorney Starts Getting Involved?

It’s the car accident attorney in Mahopac NY who will work on holding someone accountable for the accident. The person who was driving the other vehicle may have messed around with their cell phone and not paying attention right before the accident. They may even have been drinking while behind the wheel. Using as much information gathered from the initial police report and statements given by passengers, your attorney will work on getting you the help you’ll need, especially since handling all the expenses after the accident may not be possible for you.

Spain and Spain PC helps clients with their accident cases. When you’ve been in an accident and you need representation from experienced attorneys, these are the ones you’ll want to have by your side.

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