What To Ask When Selecting Attorneys In Topeka, KS

If you need the services of attorneys in Topeka, KS it is well worth a bit of your time to actually interview at least 3 lawyers before hiring. This is important so that you can get a good understanding of each professional and how he or she interacts with you and will represent you through your legal proceedings. Try to do an in person interview if possible, but keep in mind a busy attorney will keep this short.

Not all attorneys in Topeka, KS, even if they have the specialization you need, are a good match for every client. Your comfort level with them, how they see the case and even the cost factor needs to be carefully considered before hiring a legal representative for your case.


One of the biggest issues for most people facing legal difficulties is the cost factor. Depending on the type of attorneys in Topeka, KS you need you may find that the cost difference between professionals can be significant. Often the very high priced attorneys in Topeka, KS are some of the most experienced and expert in their legal field and, depending on your case, this may be an important consideration.

When you are interview attorneys, ask for an estimate of the costs of their services through your case. Make sure that this includes an estimate of additional costs and fees which can include issues like phone calls and photocopying.

Past Experience

Always ask attorneys about their past experience with cases that are similar to yours. The attorney should be able to let you know approximately how many similar cases he or she has handled and what the outcome was from the cases. This may not be an exact number but a top attorney can give you an approximate percentage of cases won, lost or dismissed before trial.

You can also ask attorneys in Topeka, KS about their recommendations for the legal strategy they will use. This allows you to determine if the manner that the attorney wants to handle the case is in line with your thoughts and your wishes. You can also ask why they recommend this course of action; you may find that their recommendation is actually better than what you were considering.

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