Redefining Luxurious Real Estate: Luxurious Living is now the norm

According to the City Momentum Index by JLL, Hyderabad is ranked as the 2nd most dynamic city in the world! The index rank cities on a range of socio-economic and commercial real estate indicators. The real estate market of Hyderabad is one of the best performing in India. The rapid growth can be accredited to the implementation of landmark policy reforms like the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (RERA) and GST. This has resulted in the establishment of real estate projects like luxury flats in India by both domestic and foreign investors.

Growing Demand of Luxury Flats in India

In the past few decades, Hyderabad has emerged as one of the most sought after destinations of work for the working class, particularly IT professionals. Hyderabad is also referred to as the second ‘Silicon Valley of India.’

Hyderabad’s top-notch infrastructure, favorable climatic conditions, lucrative job opportunities, and global connectivity has tempted people from all over India to accommodate there. Urban dwellers prefer to opt for apartments more than villas. This is why luxury apartments have popped up like mushrooms in Hyderabad in the past few years.

What do Luxury Flats offer?

Apart from providing basic amenities (water, electricity, etc.), luxury flats also offer frequent renovation, 24×7 security. Luxury flats are quite expensive because of the provision of facilities like:

  • Gymnasium and fitness centers
  • Swimming pool and other sports’ courts
  • Clubhouse
  • Car Parking Area
  • Restaurants, etc.

In today’s age of the computer and the internet, some luxury apartments also offer computing and Wi-Fi facilities.

Popular Luxury Apartments in Hyderabad

  • Nebula Aavaas, Miyapur
  • My Home Bhooja, Madhapur
  • Prestige Highfields, Nanakramguda
  • Rajapushpa Eterna, Financial District
  • Aparna One, Shaikpet, etc.

How to choose your apartment?

Keep a few things in mind before buying or renting a flat.

  • The proximity of the apartment to the facilities you require (workplace, school, etc.)
  • Choose from a wide variety of options so that you know the market better.
  • Use the internet; communicate with realtors and residents to know more about the place.
  • Ensure that the basic amenities (water, electricity, car parking, etc.) are provided properly.

Lastly, calculate your budget and spend your money judiciously. Get the most out of your money. After all, you should start a new and luxurious life in new Luxury Flats in India with no regrets, right?

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