What Should You Know About Braces in Elmhurst?

Though many cosmetic concerns can plaque your smile, one of the most difficult to deal with is crooked teeth. When your teeth are not properly aligned, they can cause your smile to look unattractive. They can also cause functional concerns and can lead to uneven wear on certain areas of your teeth. If you are dealing with this concern, your dentist has a treatment option that can help. Through Braces in Elmhurst, your teeth can be straightened in as little as a year so you can be happy with the appearance of your smile.

If you are nervous about getting braces, there is no reason to be. There are no injections or major discomfort when your braces are put on. First, the dentist will make sure your teeth are completely clean and dry. This is crucial for the brackets to be properly put in place.

The brackets are what holds your wiring together and makes it possible for the dentist to adjust your teeth throughout treatment. These must be strongly adhered in place so they can perform their duty with strength and accuracy.

Each of your teeth will have a bracket adhered in place. This bracket is adhered using a special adhesive that instantly bonds with your teeth. This ensures the bracket will stay in place throughout your treatment so it does not come loose.

After each bracket is in place, the dentist will attach your wires. The wires run through the openings in the brackets and attach your teeth. Throughout your treatment period, you will need to come in and have your wires adjusted. This places pressure on your teeth so they are guided into the desired position.

Today, there are many options for Braces in Elmhurst. There are completely clear systems, porcelain brackets and clear brackets to choose from. Your dentist will help you decide which braces will best help you achieve the smile you have been longing for. To learn more about your options, contact Oakbrook Orthodontics and schedule an appointment for a consultation. They can help you uncover your beautiful smile.

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