Understanding the Design of Rental Townhomes for Students in Ole Miss

Men and women who are transferring to the University of Mississippi or moving to the area to begin a master’s degree may be looking for off-campus housing. They might find off-campus student housing in Ole Miss advertised as a townhome. Not everyone is familiar with the concept of a townhome, also called a townhouse. What exactly is this kind of residential rental?

Townhome Designs

A townhome is usually two stories tall, although some versions have three floors. The structure shares at least one wall with another residence. It might be a duplex, or it might be in a row of townhouses. Located near the university, off-campus student housing in Ole Miss typically is in the row style. It may be an option within a large apartment complex.

Townhomes vs. Condos

This term is used both for residences that can be purchased and those that can be rented. As a purchase, the term is somewhat similar to a condominium. Residents own the structure but are not responsible for yard work and exterior maintenance. Condos typically are within a community, making them more like apartments than a separate single-family home. However, that is not always the case.

The Most Common Floor Plan

The most common townhome floor plan has the main living area on the first floor, often with a half or full bath. The bedrooms and a full bath are located on the second story. Students coming to Ole Miss and interested in renting a townhome might like to view Archive Oxford. Visit them today!

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