What Should You Do If You Are In A Car Accident?

You have the right to sue for compensation if you have been involved in a car accident and the fault was not yours, you can sue the other driver for negligence. At minimum, your claim for compensation will be for all your medical bills which will include hospital bills, the services of specialized medical personnel and prescription drugs as well as damage to your vehicle. If the accident was of such magnitude that your car was declared a total wreck then you can claim for a replacement, otherwise you can claim for all the repairs that were necessary to return it to its pre-accident condition. When you are the victim in a car accident there are a number of issues to be considered and the best person to have on your side is an auto accident lawyer in Ft Lauderdale FL.

Of course seeking medical attention is the number one priority in the event of injuries sustained in the car accident in Ft Lauderdale FL, running a very close second is the need to hire an auto accident lawyer in Ft Lauderdale FL. As it is mandatory to carry insurance it is safe to assume that the other driver will be insured, it is the insurance company that bears the burden of paying for the expenses. It is a well known fact that insurance companies are notoriously difficult to deal with, they have no interest at heart other than their own, they have no desire to pay one penny more than they can get away with and to do this they will try to get at you and offer you a settlement as long as you relinquish your rights to further action. As you probably have no idea how much compensation you can claim, it is easy to be talked into taking this deal as they certainly will agree to repairing your car and paying the medical bills, but nothing else.

Not all injuries manifest themselves instantly, there may be long term effects and if you were to agree and take the settlement you have no further recourse. This is why you need an auto accident lawyer in Ft Lauderdale FL; they have seen it before where what appears to be a simple accident can cause an injury that later will be the cause of significant pain and suffering. The lawyers will consult with the doctors and physical therapists in an attempt to find out what the long term prognosis is as a result of the injuries you received in the accident.

As long as you have not agreed to anything, your auto accident lawyer in Ft Lauderdale FL can develop a claim and present it to the negligent party. If the insurance adjuster refuses the claim; the attorney will proceed with suing in court.

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