What Are Bail Bonds Used For?

Bail bonds have two primary purposes; to get an individual released from custody and to ensure that the same individual will appear in court as demanded. Bail bonds in Oberlin Louisiana are not granted as a matter of course, when the bonding company is first contacted it is important that they be given specifics such as where is the person currently held and for how long, what are the charges, is the person gainfully employed, own a home, valuables etc. It is only after reviewing the answers to these types of questions can the bonding company feel comfortable assuming the risk in granting the bail application.

When posting bail there are a number of forms that need completing, some of these documents constitute a contract between the individual who was charged with a crime and the bail company while other forms are used for the purposes of the bonding company and the court. Once all the paperwork has been completed the bonding company posts a bond at the facility where the person currently in detention is being held, this is the act that results in their release. It does not take long for bail bonds in Oberlin Louisiana to be prepared and acted upon, in most cases the individual requesting the bond will be released from jail within an hour or two after the arrest and booking procedures have been completed and the bail has been set at the arraignment.

Bail bonds are normally granted when the arrested individual has family and friends involved. To the bondsman this is ample evidence that the person who has been released on bail will show up in court to attend trial or any other stipulated appearance. When a family member or close friend takes the responsibility of assuming indemnity the bondsman can expect that this individual will know where the defendant is at all times and ensure they are in court when called.

Although bail bonds in Oberlin Louisiana are the most common way to gain release when arrested there are other ways that are not as well known. If the crime is not serious the individual might be released on his or her own recognizance. This often happens when the defendant is employed or if there are minor children that need care and attention. Property bonds are also a possibility but most courts frown on them as the transaction can often take a few weeks and in the event the defendant skips, the court is left with having to foreclose on the property.

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime you will want to arrange for your release. Bail bonds in Oberlin Louisiana are available from Fuselier Bail Bonding; friendly, courteous and professional service 24 hours a day.

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