What Is Involved In A Crime Scene Clean Up In Roseville

Cleaning up after a crime scene is a job that most people would not want, however there are qualified professionals who do this type of job every day. If you’re curious about Crime Scene Clean Up in Roseville, below you’ll find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about this not so typical job.

Q.) What types of crime scenes do you clean up?

A.) Many crimes scenes involve cleaning up after a violent death such as a shooting or a stabbing. There is often blood on the floor, on the walls or even scattered about the room. Cleaning up a crime scene has to be very thorough so that no traces of blood or other bodily fluids remain in the home.

Q.) What do you use to clean up a crime scene?

A.) A crime scene clean up crew uses different kinds of high powered disinfectants, deodorizers and equipment to ensure that no trace of the crime scene is left. They may have to use tools to cut out pieces of carpet so that they can clean the sub floor underneath. The crew may have use machines to dry out the area after it has been cleaned or use special ozone machines to dissipate foul odors.

Q.) Is a Crime Scene Clean Up in Roseville dangerous?

A.) The clean up crew must wear special clothing that will protect them from dangerous pathogens and possibly contracting an infectious disease. They have to be covered from head to toe and use a respirator so that they do not breathe in any harmful pathogens floating in the air.

Q.) What does the clean up crew do with the material that they clean up from a crime scene?

A.) Since everything at a crime scene is considered hazardous material, it has to be properly placed into plastic bags and sealed. The bags are then placed into a bio hazard container and disposed of at a hazardous waste facility.

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