An Accident Attorney in OKC can Help you Plead Your Case

by | Jan 23, 2014 | Lawyers and Law Firms

As is the case with other kinds of accidents, determining fault in an auto accident is a matter of deciding which party is negligent. Many times it’s readily apparent whom the at-fault party is, but it can still be difficult to determine what laws were broken. You can support your argument by hiring an Accident Attorney in OKC and backing up your conclusion with facts; below, we list some places to find those facts.

The Police Report

If police were called to your accident scene (especially in injury accidents), a written report was likely made. You can ask your police department’s traffic division for a copy of the report. Some reports state the investigating officer’s opinion that a traffic law was broken, and that the violation led to the accident. If citations were issued, that information may also be included in the report. Other times, reports mention negligent behavior without listing it as a contributing factor. Regardless of the specificity of the report, any mention of careless driving or negligence can help you prove that the accident was someone else’s fault.

Traffic Laws

Another place to find support for your negligence claim is in your state’s traffic laws, which are often known as the vehicle code. Most DMVs offer simplified versions of the code, and the unabridged version can usually be found at a public library. Look for listings which may apply to your situation, and if you find them copy them down word for word (along with the statute number).

When Liability Isn’t in Doubt

In certain kinds of accidents, negligence is very easy to determine-;making settlement of the case easy. For instance, in a rear-end collision, it’s the other driver’s fault almost every time. If you’re hit from behind, the other party was negligent because they’re required to be able to stop safely. However, there are limited circumstances where your award can be reduced because of ‘comparative negligence’, where your own behavior contributed to the accident.

Auto accidents are stressful and overwhelming experiences, and you shouldn’t negotiate with insurers on your own. By hiring an Accident Attorney in OKC, you can cut through the red tape, and get the settlement you need to pay medical and car repair bills.

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