What Exactly is a Controlled Demolition, and When is it Needed?

All demolition projects are completed by experienced and qualified demolition contractors within a controlled environment. The right demolition contractors will work to make sure that everyone in the area is safe, including the demolition team and any nearby pedestrians and traffic.

What Are Controlled Demolitions?

Typically, a controlled demolition involves the demolition of a structure or building through the use of explosives. Also referred to as implosions, demolitions will help ensure the complete collapse of a decommissioned property using explosives set up in pre-determined and detailed sequences, with a specific detonation time to take place. A demolition contractor such as 1 Priority Environmental Services, LLC will normally complete the process as well as perform asbestos removal in Atlanta.

The preparation of a site for demolition requires thorough planning with the help of professional demolition contractors, regardless of the demolition method. The steps for preparation of the property will depend on the structure. Simple structures such as chimneys often require less than a week of preparation, while larger and more complex buildings or several simultaneous demolitions can take as many as six months of preparation. The latter could entail the removal of walls, drilling holes to plant explosives, and wrapping pillars and columns with fencing or fabric before to demolition.

While the use of explosives may imply that the structure is to explode upon demolition, the process is one involving the structure’s implosion. This is accomplished by placing explosives strategically around supports that, when detonated, will simply weaken the structure to the point of collapse.

When Controlled Demolitions Are Required

Although nearly any structure can undergo a demolition, the properties that are demolished most often include larger structures or greater such as skyscrapers, bridges, waterways, cooling towers, and chimneys. These services allow for minimal disruption of transportation systems and the general public without requiring too much time to complete.

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