How Restaurants Can Save Refrigerated and Frozen Stock in Power Outages

A simple power outage can cost any business that’s refrigerator-dependent a huge amount of money in lost inventory. Restaurants can be left with foods that are unsafe to eat. It’s important to make each move count and work towards a solution quickly when this happens. Call in a fridge trailer hire that North East business owners can rely on during times of electrical loss and serious power problems.

Keep Refrigerators and Freezers Shut and Find Out What Happened

The worst thing you can do during a long-term power outage is to keep having people walk in and out of coolers and freezers to get a feel for the temperature. Shut them down to traffic once everything is put up and make entering off-limits for the time being. Contact power experts and find out what is going on. Is it a local outage or a larger problem, and how long until service is restored? Less than around four hours should be just fine, but anything longer could spell problems.

Monitor Temperature and Hire a Temporary Refrigerated Trailer Storage

Most walk-in coolers and freezers have an exterior temperature gauge to show what the temperature is inside. Designate one person to monitor the temperature and alert you when things are getting serious. Begin contacting temporary refrigerated trailer services and give them an accurate assessment of the storage size you need.

Transfer All Items Quickly

Once you have a refrigerated trailer arrive, plan to transfer any frozen or cooled items as fast as possible to preserve the temperature. Keep the doors of the trailer securely closed until a solution is found for the power problem. Plan to use the fridge trailer hire that North East businesses can depend on for reliable, fast service in all types of power outage emergencies.

If you’re looking for fridge trailer hire in the North East region, get in touch with the mobile refrigeration experts at The Northern Fridge Company and find out about refrigerated trailer services today.

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