What does a pediatric dentist do?

A child dentist is one who has received additional training and specializes in the unique dental needs of children and young adults. It is not unusual for the best pediatric dentist on Plains PA to start seeing patients as young as one or two and continue caring for their dental health up until their early 20s. These dentists who choose to work with young patients have the opportunity to teach them all about proper dental health and how to care for their teeth and gums. A pediatric dentist is trained to observe, diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions that affect the oral cavity of children and young adults. The best pediatric dentist on Plains PA has a true love for children and is happy to exercise patience when dealing with kids; the dentist is fully aware of how traumatic the experience can be for a youngster.

One of the common tasks that a child dentist does is clean the child’s teeth. While the cleaning is in process the dentist has an opportunity to observe the teeth, any irregularities are caught early and rectified. The dentist will spend time with the child, explaining the importance of good dental health and showing them the right way to clean the teeth and gums. As the child gets a little older the dentist will introduce flossing.

Dental X-Rays are just as much a part of a dental examination as it is with adults. A pediatric dentist who offers orthodontics will normally take X-Rays so that he or she can observe the way the teeth are maturing; this allows the dentist to prepare for future orthodontic care such as braces which can correct the misalignment of the child’s teeth.

A pediatric dentist will be called upon to undertake a wide variety of dental procedures. Even the best kept teeth can become decayed or perhaps chipped in a playground accident. The dentist will prepare the tooth for filling if decay is the problem or repair a chipped or broken tooth. The best child dentist in Plains PA is aware that the dental needs of a child are quite different than those of an adult; the oral cavity of an adult is fully matured; not so with a child whose jaw has yet to mature. To ensure that a child’s teeth are healthy most pediatric dentists recommend that their young patients have their developing teeth protected with fluoride as a preventative measure against cavities.

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