Ways to Save on Your Engagement Ring

So you’ve been dating someone seriously for quite a while and are considering popping the question. If you are thinking practical, you’ll want to know how to save money on your engagement ring purchase. Despite what you may believe, it is possible to save when purchasing that awesome j engagement ring. Chicago couples certainly have a lot of choices when it comes to retail outlets that offer a variety of engagement rings. Here are some practical suggestions on how to save up for your ideal ring.

Researching Your Options

It is important that you try to find out what type of engagement ring your partner would like. This requires that you know their taste. Once you have an idea of what their taste is, begin researching the cost associated with the type of ring you would like to purchase for them. If it is an emerald engagement ring, diamond ring, or a princess cut engagement ring, Chicago jewelers like Christopher Duquet are sure to have them all, at various price points. Once you have established this, begin researching the prices of at least three types of engagement rings. Finding out the prices of all three may help you narrow down your options. Most established jewelry stores offer rings to fit every budget. Once you have committed to a budget, stick to it. You will quickly find out that the price of your ring will begin to increase when you consider insuring it. It is a good idea to shop during major shopping periods, such as, Black Friday. If you happen to miss that window of opportunity, don’t worry; just keep your eyes peeled to see when your favorite jewelry store is planning their next sale.

Knowing Your Finance Options

If you have decided that you want to purchase an engagement ring outright, that is perfectly fine. However, most people opt for finance options due to the other expenses they will inevitably incur. Keep in mind that when you set a budget, the budget could consist of a precise time that you plan to have your engagement ring completely paid off. Some jewelry stores offer lay-away or in-store financing. Ask questions to make sure that the one you choose, suites your budget. Steer clear of any added expenses, other than insurance, that come with the finance plan. Always honor your budget. You’ll be glad you did so, long after your big day.

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