The Hat Channel: A Unique Part to Accommodate a Variety of Jobs

“U” shaped channels are available in a variety of sizes and metal thicknesses. The aluminum extrusion process reduces the cost of production and is competitive to other metals that are rolled for channel shaping.

Unique Shape for Unique Jobs
The Hat Channel is unique because it looks like a top hat. There are two external edges that resemble the brim of the hat. The two vertical sides resemble the side of the hat. The top part is flat, like that of a top hat. The advantage of using aluminum extrusion production is the ability to produce this unique channel in various metal thicknesses and strength.

Strong Support
Hats provide stable support where the brim is used for fastening and the vertical channel is used to separate the two surfaces. The channel varies in sizes to suit the requirements of the project.

What is Furring?
This refers to the vertical application to the wall and attaching materials to the channel. It is used in a variety of construction projects. Hats provide advantages for furring applications. Here are a few examples:

Drywall Furring
Sound proofing materials can be attached to the hat for secure fastening with the dead air space to ensure deadening the transmission of sound. This is used in production facilities requiring noise reduction of automated machinery. Also, they are becoming popular in apartment and condo construction to isolate sounds between units.

Metal Buildings
The metal building is popular for quick installation and is used for storage, barns, manufacturing, and meeting rooms. It is versatile and cost effective. When assembled using the hat channel, the building has a strong frame to withstand high wind conditions.

Interior Framing
Hats excel in framing the interior areas of existing buildings. Popular in renovation projects, the part attaches the panels or sheet rock to the interior surface walls. They can be vented or unvented depending on the need for air quality.

Is Aluminum the Ideal Metal?
Aluminum and aluminum alloys come in a variety of strengths and weights. Generally, aluminum channels are lightweight and are easily applied in construction. Workers can easily handle long sections and assemble the frame quickly. A “brim” allows for easy and quick fastening either with pre drilled holes or solid sheet for custom applications. The depth of the channel determines the function the channel is intended to serve. It is the ideal metal for shaping and extrusion to produce sections quickly and is cost effective.

Eagle Mouldings provides a wide variety of hat channels and other U shaped channels.

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