Water Restoration in Oklahoma City: Making Your Carpet Look Like New Again

by | Jan 2, 2014 | Restoration

If your home is been inundated with water from a plumbing disaster or from a natural weather related events such as extensive flooding, you may look at your home, especially if your home has had a large incursion of water and think that everything is a total loss. Fortunately, with companies that specialize in Water Restoration in Oklahoma City, you may be quite surprised at how much can be salvaged even when you’re home has been subject to large amounts of water.

As long as the structure of the home is intact, there are a number of different things that a quality water restoration company can do in order to salvage certain pieces of furniture and certain home items rather than having to replace them. One such area is the homes flooring. While carpet can present a great deal of challenge to a water restoration service, even homes that have been submerged in water for an extended period of time can still have the flooring materials restored rather than replaced.

A great deal of water may bring with it certain contaminants such as dirt and mud, but these materials can be extracted from the carpeting surface and that is going to be the first step in determining whether your carpet is salvageable. From there, there will have to be extensive drying of the carpeting surfaces. Not only will the drying need to take place on the surface of the carpet, but the drying will also need to take place underneath the carpet. Carpet backing materials as well as carpet padding will need to be pulled up strategically and different types of drying machinery will be used to completely dry and extract all the water from those materials.

Not only does this help the look of the carpet, it helps remove any risk of mold or mildew that can not only destroy your carpet to make your home unsafe to occupy. However, with extensive drying methods, a company that offers water restoration in Oklahoma City can make even the most moisture laden flooring surfaces look like brand-new.

If your home has been subjected to a great deal of water from flooding, you may want to contact Flood Masters. With their experience at salvaging and restoring water damaged homes, even though you think your home is a total loss, they may be able to prove otherwise.

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