The Different Methods of Stump Removal in East Lyme, CT

by | Jan 2, 2014 | Tree Service

Whether it’s because of a tree that has fallen over as a natural course of age or through a weather-related event or whether you’re simply looking to clear out space on your home or business property, tree removal can be a important aspect to clearing out more space. However, once the tree is removed, there’s a question of the stump. Unless you have stipulated that the stump is to be removed with a tree, stump removal will be a separate service. However, with stump removal in East Lyme, CT, there are couple of ways you can go about completing this task.

If you want to handle the project yourself, there are two methods to use. The first is digging out around the stump and physically removing the stump. This is a very labor-intensive job, especially if it’s a large tree with a large expansion of underground roots. This involves digging deep down to the main roots, cutting the roots if necessary and physically removing the stump with a certain type of machine.

The next option is chemical decomposition. There are many chemicals that have been created specifically to help the decomposition and decaying process of an existing tree stump. While these chemicals work, it’s important to note that in most cases, they only speed up the process of natural decay minimally. Which means that in some cases, you won’t notice a great deal of difference between leaving the stump to naturally decay or adding chemicals to supposedly speed up the process.

The last and perhaps the most efficient method of Stump Removal in East Lyme, CT is to have your stump mechanically and professionally ground down by a special machine. This machine includes a grinding wheel that moves back and forth over the tree stump, often times, below the surface of the ground to completely destroy the existing tree stump. The woodchips are added back into the topsoil, the areas covered and in a few weeks, it’s like a tree stump never existed.

If you want to try the remove the stump yourself, you can, but expect for this process to take a great deal of time and effort. For quick removal of trees and tree stumps, a company like Tomorrow’s Trees can help with the planned or emergency removal of a tree as well as the effective removal of an existing tree stump.

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