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Electrocatalytic water splitting, commonly known as water electrolysis has proven to be a cost-effective technology when it comes to the production of hydrogen through renewable energy.

Platinum-Free Hydrogen Filling Stations

* Hydrogen being one of the most sustainable fuel adds great value to carbon-free transportation.

* Hydrogen production techniques involving oxidization of precious metals are not only energy intensive but also have an impact on the environment.

* Water electrolysis when used in hydrogen production results in zero greenhouse gas emissions.

* Most alkaline electrolyzers with base metal catalysts run only when precious metals (iridium oxide anodes and platinum cathodes) are used.

* Using high conductivity exchange membranes for the production of renewable fuels and chemicals for energy storage results in reduced cost of systems in use.

* Dioxide Materials offers high-caliber anion exchange membrane water electrolyzers and components that can be run on nickel, iron and cobalt, which are comparatively inexpensive, making them significantly cost-effective.

* We also deal in alkaline exchange membrane water electrolyzers that are a promising technology on the lab scale.

Be It a Specific Component or an Entire System, We Have Got You Covered

  * Research Grade 5 cm² AEM Water Electrolyzer Cells
– Complete 5 cm² AEM Water Electrolyzer with MEA – $2399.95
– 5 cm² AEM Water Electrolyzer Hardware – $2175
– Nickel Flowfield For 5 cm² AEM Water Electrolyzer – $1175
– Titanium Flowfield for 5cm² Electrolyzer – $975

  * Ionomers & Electrodes for Water Electrolyzers
– Anode Electrodes For AEM Water Electrolyzers
– 10 cm x 10 cm – $279
– Cathode Electrodes For AEM Water Electrolyzers
– 10 cm x 10 cm – $525
– Sustainion® XA-9 Ionomer to make your own cathodes – $161
– Sustainion® XB-7 Ionomer to make your own anodes – $199

  * Cell Components for AEM Water Electrolyzers
– Cathode Gasket for 5 cm² Water Electrolyzers – $20
– Anode Gasket for 5 cm² Water Electrolyzers – $19.99
– Two O-Rings for 5 cm² AEM water Electrolyzers – $5.99
– Heater for 5 cm² Water Electrolyzers – $79.99

Competitive Advantages of Dioxide Materials’ Alkaline Water Electrolyzers with Sustainion® Membranes

* They operate at high currents: 1 A/cm² at 1.8-1.9 V and up to 2.3A/ cm² at 2V
* with base metal catalysts
* They eliminate the use of precious metals (platinum or iridium)
* They can be rapidly turned on and off
* They are cost-effective
* They have a longer lifespan
* They enable the replacement of PEM electrolyzers with alkaline water electrolyzers and get similar performance.

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