Water in Basement Morton IL: Cleaning Your Basement after Water Damage

While water is a basic need to every human being, it can also be a menace when it’s more than needed or occupies the wrong place like your basement. This is because it can ruin your basement structures and possessions stored in it. However, you can save you prized possessions and reduce damage on housing structures by quickly cleaning the Water In Basement Morton IL. This can also help prevent the growth of mold thus maintain clean air in your home and avoid mold allergens. The following tips can help you when dealing with your flooded basement.

Disconnect any power connections

You should never try any cleaning on a flooded room if you have any electrical connections to the room. Unplug all the electronic appliances and remove them from the room. This helps avoid electrocution and rusting of metallic parts of your electronics. If, before stepping into the water, you realize that the water level is above installed electrical outlets on the wall, do not try to enter the room. You should go back and search for the main power switch and turn it off to cut electric flow to those outlets.


Remove your possessions

The earlier you remove the furniture, carpet and other items from the basement, the more you reduce the damage on them. All furniture, whether metallic or wooden, should be left outside for some hours to dry out in the sun. Get your carpet cleaned by an expert from Hoerr Carpet Cleaning.

Rid off the water

If the water levels are above the electrical outlets, it’s obvious that you can’t plug in a vacuuming machine since you did switch off the main power source. You therefore need to use manual cleaning materials like buckets, mops and old towels among others. You can pour the water down the drain outlets or on your lawn as long as the water is not contaminated with harmful chemicals.

Get rid of all the water to minimize or eliminate the chances of mold growing on the surfaces. If the room had some chemicals that may have contaminated the water, you should hire a professional from Hoerr Carpet Cleaning to help you clean Water In Basement Morton IL.

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