Stock Up for Fall with Long Sleeve Tops

Whether your daughter wants some lounge clothes or something a little dressy, fall is here and you should consider purchasing long sleeve tops so that she will be warm all season long. While it can be difficult to find clothing to fit your tween daughter, many companies out there offer comfortable clothing, decent prices and items that your daughter will want and need.


Every woman, whether old or young, needs to have comfortable clothing. T-Shirts are a common choice, though they are not always fashionable. Alternatives are available that with a few details added like text, print and patches to make the top more stylish and comfortable.

When searching for comfortable long sleeve shirts, consider those that are machine washable and at least 70 percent cotton. You may also want to find options that offer many color choices so that your daughter has many from which to choose or one of every color.

A great style tip for comfortable clothing is that it should be slightly baggy but still show the figure. While you don’t want her to wear skin-tight clothes, fitted arms are a great choice and the top area should be more rounded and open.


Younger girls love the look and feel of lace. A lace crop top could be the answer. While there are many color options out there, consider something white or black, as these are the colors that “pop” the most.

Crop tops stop about an inch above the belly button and while this may seem too short for your young daughter, many shirts offer this type of style and are extremely popular. While it does show a little skin, it isn’t so much that you would worry about your daughter’s appearance.

Many lace tops are stretchy to stop the lace from tearing as it is being put on, so look for at least five percent Spandex for the right amount of stretch.


Every young girl needs a collection of sweaters those days when they need a little extra warmth. There are so many style options available to her. Consider well-made knits, cute and age appropriate printed screens and metallic. She could dress it down with a pair of skinny jeans or dress it up with a cute skirt. She may even wear another shirt or tank underneath for a great layered fashionable style.

Long sleeve tops are a must-have this fall. Consider comfortable shirts, lace top or sweaters from Butterflies & Zebras.

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