Wallpaper Styles That Keep Your Home Cozy In Winter

When the snow starts to fall and your car gets buried in the driveway, you don’t want to think about shoveling or the commute to work tomorrow. You want to sit inside in the warmth, get yourself a cup of hot cocoa, and watch the snow fall on your pristine lawn before it becomes covered in footprints and everything melts to slush. Bring back the magic of a winter wonderland and feel like you’re in a country cottage with a fire blazing at you back this winter with wallpaper styles that are sure to make your home cozier!

Even if You Don’t Have a Fireplace…

…you can create the illusion in your home with wallpaper that looks like exposed brick. Brick grabs the heat in your home (or your fireplace if you really do have one) and holds it in so that the whole house radiates with what the fire creates. Your mind will look at the image of those bricks and give you the feeling that all the heat in the room is being soaked into the walls to hug you as you enjoy the snowfall from the window.

A Cottage in the Country

There is wallpaper that can look like wood paneling or even the natural wood of a log cabin. Applying this to your walls can evoke images of a cozy cottage in the country similar to the luxurious accommodations that you enjoy every time you go skiing. You’ll remember the feeling of coming in off the slopes and cozying up to a warm fire with your loved ones all around you, giving you warmth that radiates inside and out.

Get Away From It All

Perhaps a cozy cottage or a fire in the fireplace isn’t what you associate with warmth. It could be what reminds you of all the things that you don’t like about winter. Instead, you can use wallpaper with a nautical theme or island images to give you the feeling of being in a tropical paradise whenever the snow starts to cover your house. When you come inside from the winter that bites you, you’ll be met with the colors of a sunset, the images of being on a boat, and patterns of palm trees and beaches. Forget about the snow and focus on the sand when you use wallpaper that reminds you of summer vacation instead of shoveling the driveway and stepping in snow drifts.

Customize it!

You can do anything with today’s options! If none of these ideas seem like things that make you think of warmth, you can create your own wallpaper design that blossoms your imagination into believing that summer is back whenever you step into the room you’ve decorated….or your entire house! Find out how you can use wallpaper design to make your décor cozier this winter today.

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