A few things to think about if you are about to hire an interior decorator

Many people confuse an interior decorator with an interior designer, there are some similarities between the two but there are also a considerable number of differences. In many cases an interior decorator in Omaha NE has not graduated from university, usually with a degree in fine arts. An interior decorator often concentrates his or her efforts on the decorative aspects of the space, avoiding projects that demand an understanding of construction concepts, building codes, etc. If the task you have in mind requires someone with a great eye for color and arrangements then an interior decorator is the choice for you.

When you begin the hunt for professional an interior decorator in Omaha NE area, the first consideration is style. The ideal candidate is someone whose style closely matches yours, you will want to carefully review the candidate’s portfolio of past jobs, looking for evidence of room design that you admire and are similar to your likes. Although an interior decorator can approach different projects usually a good decorator has developed a signature style that defines the way they look at and approach decorating.

It is important that you find someone that is a good listener, someone who listens intently as you describe your vision of the space when it’s completed. Of course a good designer will have his or her own ideas, this is why you want to hire a designer, but it will be important as the project progresses to have someone who will work toward making your dream a reality.

In many cases it is easier to talk to a decorator when you have spent time to go through interior design magazines looking for colors, textures, materials etc that you would like to see incorporated into the room, it also gives you a chance to show the decorator things that you absolutely will not consider. The decorator will get a much better feel for your style this way.

This is also the ideal time for you to point out anything in the room that you want to keep, in this way the decorator can incorporate it into the overall concept.

You will want to work with Decor and You Omaha NE an interior decorator in Omaha NE that understands your lifestyle and willing to work with it. It’s important for the decorator to know that a white silk sofa will not work well in your home because you have kids and pets. The best decorator goes about creating a space that is complimentary to the tastes and style of the client, not their own. And remember, it takes time to create the perfect space so don’t expect miracles overnight.


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