Visit New York Opticians For Yearly Eye Exams

It goes without saying that we only get one pair of eyes, and it’s important to take good care of them. That’s why visiting one of the local New York opticians to ensure your eyes are healthy is recommended. Because many vision-damaging eye diseases have no symptoms until the disease has progressed to a dangerous level, a yearly eye examination can catch subtle changes in your eye health before any damage occurs. Advanced age often involves certain eye problems, such as glaucoma and macular degeneration, and illnesses, such as diabetes, increase the chances of eye-damaging diabetic retinopathy in those with high or uncontrolled blood sugar. Staying on top of eye health is the best way to avoid any vision loss now or in the future.

Most people with glaucoma have no idea they have a problem until damage is done to their eyesight. Luckily, it’s usually discovered during a routine eye exam when increased eye pressure is noted with no obvious reason. Untreated, glaucoma will damage the eye’s optic nerve and cause vision loss or blindness. Macular degeneration most often comes on rather suddenly, with a substantial vision change from one yearly exam to the next. When vision is affected, it is usually first noted as a “dark area” in the center of the vision field that will progress with time if not treated. As if illness isn’t enough to deal with, certain conditions, such as diabetes, can cause serious eye problems if not monitored and controlled. Uncontrolled diabetes can damage the eye’s retina, leading to blindness, making early detection essential. Proper diagnosis from an annual eye examination can offer treatment and help avoid vision loss when the problem is discovered early.

Though our eyes are extremely important, they are often overlooked as long as they’re doing their job and we can see reasonably well. Unfortunately, by the time vision begins to become affected, damage has already been done. It’s important to call New York Opticians for your yearly exam. The exam will ensure your eyes are healthy and also make sure you’re seeing as well as you possibly can.

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