Ways a Comprehensive Eye Exam can Help Elderly People

If you are a senior citizen, you no doubt know how quickly your vision can change. As people age their eyesight can begin to dwindle and this c an often cause a variety of problems. To help in dealing with this type of problem, it is important for seniors to see their eye doctor for a Comprehensive Eye Exam on a yearly basis.

While most of the vision issues elderly people deal with are normal and due to the aging process, they still can be upsetting. Many times as a person gets older, they will find they have difficulty seeing objects that are too close. This is natural as the lenses in the eyes lose flexibility as a person ages. These changes to the lens impact how a person can see.

Having a Comprehensive Eye Exam is the best way for an eye doctor to determine the cause of an elderly patient’s vision problems. The eye doctor can use a series of tests, such as a physically examining the eyes, performing a visual acuity test and more to ensure the issues a person is facing are not due to eye diseases or other issues.

Once the doctor has completed these tests, he or she can then make a diagnosis and determine if a corrective lens will help. In most cases, there is not cure for the issues causing sight problems for older people. However, corrective glasses or contacts can often make it easier for them to see things and function normally. An eye doctor will be able to determine if this is the case by using a refraction to determine what type of lenses can best help a patient to see better. This can be a great advantage for most people.

If there are other issues present, such as glaucoma, cataracts or more, the eye doctor can help the patient understand the issue and their options for treatment. This can be a great help in making sure an elderly person is seeing as clearly as possible.

If you have not seen an eye doctor in over a year, you should consider making an appointment soon. For more information, please visit Weareeyes.com.

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