Using Exterminators in Lakewood NJ To Eradicate A Mouse Problem

When a household has an abundant amount of mice getting into the interior portion, the homeowner will most likely want to hire exterminators in Lakewood NJ to help with the problem. Mice are known to carry disease, making it important to eradicate them in their entirety for the health of the home’s inhabitants.

An exterminating business will come to the home to do an assessment of the structure to help find areas where rodents are getting inside. They will have the homeowner fill any crevices with caulk. Larger holes should be stuffed with pieces of steel wool and then covered with pieces of flashing as a temporary blockage. Repair can be done by a contractor once the mouse problem has been handled.

Many pest control services will start with trying to trap mice before bringing pesticides into the home. Mouse bait traps are an effective way in killing off mice without putting those in the home at risk of exposure to chemicals. Snapping or glue traps can also be used to kill mice if needed. If these methods are not helpful in eliminating mice, the service will have the homeowner and any family members leave the home for a day or two so pesticides can be used to kill any rodents left within the building.

After the mice have been eliminated, it will be important to do maintenance to keep them from returning. Keeping the home clean is effective in removing the attraction of food particles that mice need to stay sustained. Moving wood piles away from the home will help keep mice from getting closer to the structure. Many find that placing peppermint plants or pieces of cloth dipped in peppermint oil in the home will help deter mice from trying to get inside. Getting a cat to patrol the home is also an effective way in keeping mice away.

If someone needs to hire one of the Exterminators in Lakewood NJ, they can contact a reputable service with a great record in eliminating mice effectively. Contact Dynamic Pest Control LLC to have someone come to the home to do an evaluation and to start the process of getting rid of these rodents quickly.

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