The Pros and Cons to Roman Shades

Roman shades have been around for a number of centuries in a variety of different styles and forms. Today, roman shades are available with various options, styles, and provide a lot of characteristics as the window itself. Roman shades are primarily made of fabric that can be lowered and raised simply by pulling a cord. You will find these shades in quite a few different styles. A flat Roman shade provides a more contemporary look, while a looped or teardrop style provides a more traditional look. These shades can be made of different fabrics which mean there is always going to be a different style for every home.

Pros to Roman Shades

The biggest advantage to having Roman shades in your home is their timeless and elegant style. Roman shades, in their current form, have been around for many years, and do not go out of style or lose popularity. Choosing the right fabric can extend the lifespan of your shade and also keep it from becoming overly trendy or popular.

Roman shades also provide a softness to the area around your windows, unlike window coverings that are hard, like wood blinds. Depending on whether you choose looped, flat, dog-eared, or balloon, your style can be considered feminine and soft or tailored and masculine.

Cons to Roman Shades

There are very few downsides to having Roman Shades on your windows. One drawback to using them is that they do not provide the flexibility of utilizing vanes when it is opened or closed, it either goes up or down. Even though it is not a huge disadvantage, it is definitely something you will want to consider when choosing a treatment for your windows.

Roman shades have a tendency to stack up high on the window when they are raised up. If you have a tall window in your home, this could limit the amount of light that gets into your home. It also has the ability to take away from the beautiful view of the outdoors.


While you should always consider the pros and cons when choosing a window treatment, the best way to go if you live in Peachtree City, is to have Custom Roman shades in Peachtree City, GA area created for you so you have exactly what it is that you are looking for. Some of the disadvantages can be eliminated simply by having your shades custom-made.

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