Using dental implants Carlsbad Dentists Are Offering Patients New Smiles

There are many reasons why a person might go through life dissatisfied with his or her smile, yet think that the cosmetic adjustments necessary are simply out of the range of what’s considered affordable. For many Americans, dental care consists of yearly checkups, cleanings, and filling of cavities when unfortunately necessary. Unfortunately, problems that go beyond that, such as diseases of the gum, chipped or broken teeth, or problems with improper alignment are often ignored. Over time, this can result in the complete loss of a tooth, an extremely painful infection called an abscess, or the need for oral surgery to extract a tooth that’s damaged beyond repair. Fortunately, if you have lost a tooth or need to replace multiple teeth, there are other options aside from traditional solutions such as dentures and partials, or crowns if part of the tooth is still intact and healthy.

With the help of dental implants in Carlsbad, residents have a whole new reason to smile. Implants are affordable and convenient alternatives that solve the embarrassment and dental health issues caused by broken and missing teeth. One of the biggest advantages is that with an implant, absolutely nobody will be aware that your teeth are not completely natural, because the process is designed so that the prosthetic both looks and feels like a natural tooth.

When a patient receives dental implants Carlsbad, dentists attach a high-grade titanium post to the jaw, with the prosthetic tooth affixed to the other end. The prosthetic is designed to match the shape, size, and even the color of your natural teeth, so it does not appear out of place. Over the period of a few months, the titanium post fuses to your jawbone, meaning the implant not only looks and feels like a natural tooth, it actually becomes one. Your implants are cared for in exactly the same way as your natural teeth, and with proper dental care and upkeep, are likely to last the rest of your life. Virtually every person is a candidate for this procedure, and the risks are slight, making it a perfect way to revamp your smile.