Helpful Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling In New York City

Let’s face it, apart from the bedroom most of your time and most of the social time is probably spent in the kitchen. It just seems to be the natural tendency for crowds to gather in the kitchen area. Whether you are getting a quick snack or spending hours creating that perfect Thanksgiving feast, you want to make the most of your kitchen and the design and functionality of kitchen renovation ideas can help you enjoy spending more time there.

Most people do not have the luxury of having a big beautiful kitchen so the question arises about how best to design around a smaller area that you spend a lot of time in. The first thing to focus on would be a color theme. One natural color that will be used over and over again. When working with smaller areas, setting the scene for what is easiest on the eyes is a good bet. You can work with an additional color or two, but try to stay true to the overall color of the kitchen. Again, in smaller areas, lighter colors work best.

Next, one of the most expensive parts of your kitchen are the cabinets. However, you can forgo the cabinets altogether and save approximately 70% on any remodeling cost by going with open shelving. This trend is becoming more and more popular and if you stick to the idea of one color throughout your kitchen then the open shelving will display your central theme beautifully as well as open up your space.

To give the feeling of a bigger, open space that feels inviting, do not forget the floors and ceilings. Kitchen remodeling New York City can help add a few touches to the floors and ceiling can pull the eyes away from the main parts of the kitchen and not make the room feel sterile. Adding a new dimension to the ceiling such as ceiling lights or a rug for texture to the floor will keep the eyes from focusing on a small space. Aesthetically pleasing accents will make for a more enjoyable area as well as making the room feel very spacious and ready for entertaining.

kitchen renovation ideas

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