Using Air Hacksaws For Specialized Projects

For large or small projects and jobs, having the right tools to get even the most difficult tasks done quickly, easily and accurately is always an important time and cost saving factor to consider. For jobs that include cutting pipe, metals or other materials air hacksaws can be a valuable asset.

There are a variety of different styles and types of air hacksaws depending on your needs. There are typical styles that look very much like a standard hacksaw blade just mounted into a pneumatic tool grip and handled. There are also specialized designs that are ideal for holding pipe or structural steel in a secure and tight fashion while the blade cuts and leaves a flush end every time.

Pipe Cutting

There are different features for pipe cutting or cutting structural steel using air hacksaws. Popular models have a build-on bracket that holds different sizes of pipe clamps. These pipe clamps will secure the pipe to the bracket and to the tool itself so the cut is always straight.

To also enhance the straight cut there may be an optional saw blade guide that attaches to the handle of the tool and then around to the far edge of the blade. This is rigid and prevents the blade from twisting even when using air hacksaws on large diameter pipes.


When choosing the right air hacksaws for your job make sure you consider the ratings or the specs for the specific model you are interested in buying or renting. You need to check the length of the blade to make sure it is correct for the size of the material you are cutting. You will also want to know the strokes per minute on the saw as faster strokes means greater control during the cutting process.

Of course, you will also need to consider the blade types to use with air hacksaws for a particular job and material. There are bi-metal blades that are excellent all- purpose blades for most standard types of use. There are even blades sold specifically for working on vehicles and automotive parts. With a wide variety of different blades from carbide-coated to diamond-coated in HSS and HSS-SL you should have little trouble in finding the right blades to go with your saw.

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