Asphalt In New London: How To Repair Driveways

Your driveway’s appearance provides the first impression to your visitors about your home and lifestyle. A beautiful driveway provides a stunning focal point for visitors and passersby.. At times, you will find that your driveway made of asphalt will need repair. Some of the common problems that driveways made of Asphalt in New London face include potholes, cracking and ugly faded appearances. Just like is the case with people, when asphalt is not cared for in the right way, it can age less gracefully.

You can repair damages to an asphalt driveway using cold asphalt filler. The first step to take in order to successfully repair your driveway should be to estimate the filler amount that you need to complete the repair. A pothole of less than 2 feet square should be repaired with around fifty pounds of asphalt filer. Choose the type of filler that you want to use for the repair. You can buy cold asphalt filler in bags that are similar to the cement bags weighing 50 pounds.

Clean the dirt and debris in the hole using a trowel, a garden shovel and other such tools. If there is dry soil in the hole, you can dampen it using a garden hose to enable the tar to stick. If water has filled the hole, you must allow it to dry first before the tarmac can dry. Alternatively, you can choose to dry it using a blow dryer or fan, especially if you want to complete the task quickly. If the hole is three or four inches deep, fill it using a material that will be easily and tightly compacted like crushed concrete, crushed limestone or clay. If the material below the patch isn’t compactable using normal methods, you can dig the hole and cover it with concrete to a level of 2 inches beneath the finished grade of the pavement to ensure that the area stabilizes.

A beautiful driveway can add appeal to your home. It can also increase the value of your home. One way of maintaining its elegance is by repairing any pot holes and other damages. Use these guidelines to repair your driveway made of Asphalt in New London. If you would like the work to be completed by a professional, you could check here.

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