Using A Dentist in Holmes To Help Your Child’s Smile

Out of the millions of adults in the United States, only a fraction of them actually visit the dentist on a regular basis. Dentists typically recommend that patients schedule a visit once every six months. Regular visits can help to prevent complications that could damage your teeth. In order for individuals to maintain good hygiene habits, these habits must be instilled in them as early as possible.

Often times parents overlook the need to teach their children about dental care. When it comes to a child’s overall development, their teeth are just as important as anything else. Most parents are unaware of the fact that they can take their child to see a Dentist in Holmes as young as a year old. By that time children are eating and snacking on various foods. This means that they can be at risk of developing cavities and other dental complications.

The latest you should take you child in to see a dentist is at about two years of age. At this time, most dentists will recommend that your child visit them once every six months. Having a dentist introduced to your child at this age will allow them to more closely evaluate the child, and keep up with the health of their teeth. This is important, because after they’re about 5 or 6 years old their baby teeth will start to fall out and be replaced with their permanent teeth. A Dentist in Holmes should be advising you every step of the way at this age.

After they begin to lose their first teeth, your regular dentist may suggest that you visit an orthodontist. An orthodontist specializes in the aligning and straightening of teeth. Your child’s orthodontist will take a look at how their jaw is developing, and how well their permanent teeth are coming in. If your child’s permanent teeth are starting to grow in crooked, an orthodontist or Dentist in Holmes may suggest braces.

Dental care at an early age is very important. Adults who fail to maintain good dental hygiene tend to develop complications that call for dentures, Dental Implants, extractions, and so forth. The earlier you see about your child’s teeth the better smile they’ll have as they get older.

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